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Bon Ami Get Together

The History of Bon Ami

Mr. Bon Ami Logo

In 1967 the Town of Dalhousie put on an event for Canada's 100th Birthday. It was a huge success, the community got together and celebrated. The following summer, it seemed like something was missing, the town needed a summer Festival. The Mayor at the time was Leo Blanchard and he appointed Wally Guitard to be the first festival Chairman. A few months later, Mayor Leo Blanchard cut the ribbon on July 24th 1969 to kick off the first annual Bon Ami Festival. The festival wrapped up with a parade on the 27th. During the opening ceremonies, Mayor Blanchard said "if the people get together, they will have fun". He was right, and this is why we continue to put together a fun-filled festival.

The theme of the first Bon Ami was Lumberjack, and they wanted someone to be the ambassador of the festival and to become our lumberjack. Mr. George LaTulippe was selected for this role, but he had a medical emergency a few days before the festival. The committee knew just them man to fill the position. They contacted Arthur Paradis to see if he was interested. Big Art was up for the job, he would go on to wear the Mr. Bon Ami lumberjack attire for decades. He appeared in the Bon Ami parade for 48 years. For many he will always be a symbol of the Bon Ami Festival, you can even visit his statue in the Inch Arran trailer park.

Bon Ami was the perfect name for the town's festival. Peter Bonamy was the first English settler in the area and Bon Ami is French for Good Friends. 

We Would love to hear your favourite Bon Ami Festival memory, we might even share it. Send us a message on Facebook, or click the button below to email us. 

I'm your friend and your my Bon Ami

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